Players Code of Conduct

The Portland Youth Soccer Association considers good conduct by players, parents and coaches to be an extremely important part of the soccer program.  Hillside Soccer Club, being a sub-set or PYSA, fully supports and believes in this Code of Conduct for our players.

The following Code of Conduct for players will be read to both teams, by the referee, prior to the start of each PYSA game:

  • Treat opponents with respect
  • Play hard but within the rules of the game of soccer
  • Keep control of your temper
  • Respect the referee and accept their decisions without gesture or argument
  • Win without boasting. Lose without excuses
  • Never quit
  • Remember that it is a privilege to represent your soccer club and community
 Player's Rights
  1. The right to decide when to participate in soccer
  2. The right to play at least 50% of each game (this may be conditional on a player being disciplined, sickness, or injury)
  3. The right to participate at a level that corresponds to each child's maturity and ability
  4. The right to be taught the fundamentals of soccer
  5. The right to participate in a safe and healthy environment
  6. The right to play as a child and enjoy participation in the sport