Park/School/Field Address Thomas Guide
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Albert Kelly SW 38th & Lee 626-B3
Alberta Park NE 22nd & NE Killingsworth 566-J7
Albina N. Flint & Russell 596-F3
April Hill SW 59th Ave. & Miles St. 625-J5
Arbor Lodge N. Bryant & Greeley 566-D5
Beaumont Middle School 4043 NE Fremont 597-B2
Berkely SE 39th & Bybee 627-B5
Berrydale SE 92nd & Taylor 597-G7
Bloomington SE 100th & Steele 627-H4
Boeckman Creek Elem School 6700 SW Wilsonville Rd, Wilsonville 715-G7
Brentwood Middle SE 62nd (2.5 blocks south of Duke) 627-D5
Brentwood Small SE 60th (1 block south of Duke) 627-D5
Bridger School 7910 SE Market 597-F7
Bridlemile Elementary School 4300 SW 47th Drive 626-A3
Brooklyn Elementary School 3830 SE 14th 626-H2
Buckman Elementary School 320 SE 16th 596-H6
Buckman Field (Benson H.S.) NE 12th Ave. & Glisan 596-H5
Chapman Elementary School 1445 NW 26th 596-C4
Child Services Center 531 SE 14th 596-H6
Clinton SE 55th & Woodward 627-D1
Collinsview School 9806 SW Boones Ferry 656-E1
Columbia Park 7701 N Chatauqua 566-C4
Columbia Tag Center 716 NE Marine Drive 566-H2
Creston Park SE 43rd & Powell 627-B2
Custer SW 21st & Capitol Hill 626-C5
Delta Park Pacific Hwy W. & N. Union 566-F2
Duniway School 7700 SE Reed College Pl. 627-A6
Duniway Park, Upper SW 6th & Sheridan 626-E1
Ed Benedict Large, Small 99th & SE Powell 627-H3
Faubion Elementary School 3039 NE Portland Blvd. 567-A6
Fernhill Large NE 37th & Ainsworth 567-B8
Fernwood Middle School 1915 NE 33rd 597-A4
Flavel SE Lambert & SE 75th 627-E6
Forest Park School 9935 NW Durret St. (off NW Miller Rd.) 595-E2
Gabriel Lower, Upper SW 42nd & Vermont 626-A5
Gabriel South SW 42nd & Canby 626-A5
German/American School 1849 SW 58th 595-J7
Glencoe Elementary School 825 SE 51st 597-C6
Glenhaven East (Madison High School) 2735 NE 82nd & Siskyou 597-F3
Glenhaven West (Madison High School) 2735 NE 82nd 597-F3
Glenwood Park SE 87th & Claybourne 627-G5
Grant Football Field 2245 NE 36th 597-B3
Grant South (Grant High School) 2245 NE 36th 597-B3
Gregory Heights Middle School 7334 NE Siskyou 597-E3
Hamilton SW 45th & Hamilton 626-A3
Hamilton Small (East) SW 45th & Hamilton 626-A3
Harney Park (Clatsop Park) SE 67th & Harney 627-E7
Harrison SE 83rd & Harrison 627-F1
Harvey Scott School 6700 NE Prescott 597-E1
Hayhurst School #1, #2 5037 SW Iowa 625-J4
Healy Heights SW Council Crest Dr & SW Patrick Pl. 626-D2
Hillside Community 653 NW Culpepper Ter. 596-C5
Hollyrood 3560 NE Hollyrood Ct. 597-B3
Holy Redeemer School 127 N Portland Blvd 566-G6
Irving Lower (Irving Elementary) NE 10th & NE Freemont 596-H3
Jackson Middle School 10625 SW 35th 656-B1
Jason Lee Elementary School 2222 NE 92nd 597-G4
(Albert) Kelly Park SW 38th & Lee 626-B3
Kelly Elementary School 9030 SE Cooper 627-G6
Knott Park NE 117th & NE Knott 598-B3
Lane Middle School 7200 SE 60th 627-D6
(Jason) Lee Elementary School 2222 NE 92nd 597-G4
Lents (Crumb Rubber) South End of Lents Park at SE Steele 597-G3
Lents Football Northeast End of Lents Park at SE Holgate & SE 92nd 597-G3
Lewis School 4401 SE Evergreen 627-B5
Llewellyn Elementary School 6301 SE 14th 626-H5
Lynchview Park SE 164th and SE Mill 598-F7
Maplewood Elementary School 7452 SW 52nd 625-J5
Markham Elementary School 10531 SW Capitol Hwy. 656-A1
Mary Rieke 1405 SW Vermont 626-D5
McKenna N. Wall Ave & Princeton St. 566-A4
Meek Elementary School 4039 NE Alberta 597-B1
Monroe School Site 2508 NE Everett 596-J5
Montavilla Park NE 82nd & Glisan 597-F5
Mt Tabor Middle School 5800 SE Ash 597-D6
Nathan Thomas Field SE 39th & Oak 597-B6
Normandale NE 57 & Halsey 597-C4
Overlook Park N Fremont St & Interstate Ave 596-E2
Peninsula Park N Albina & Ainsworth 566-F6
Pier Park N. Seneca & St. Johns 565-G1
Portland French School 6312 SW Corbett 596-F4
Portland Heights SW Patton & Old Orchard 626-C1
Portsmouth N. Stanford & Depauw 566-A4
Powell Park SE 26th & Powell 626-J2
Richmond Elementary School 2276 SE 41st 627-B1
Rigler Elementary School 5401 NE Prescott 597-D1
Robert Gray 5500 SW 23rd 626-C4
Rose City Park NE 62nd & Tillamook 597-D4
Sabin Elementary School 4013 NE 18th 596-J1
(Harvey) Scott School 6700 NE Prescott 597-E1
Sellwood Middle School 8300 SE 15th 626-H7
Sellwood Park SE 7th & Miller 626-G6
Sewallcrest SE 31st & Market 624-J7
Skyline Elementary School 11536 NW Skyline 534-G7
Smith Elementary School 8935 SW 52nd 625-J7
St. Johns Comm. Center 8427 N. Central 535-H3
Stephenson Elementary School 2627 SW Stephenson 656-C3
Sunnyside Park 34th & SE Taylor 597-A7
Tualatin Community Park 8515 SW Tualatin Rd, Tualatin 685-F3
Vocational Village NE 82nd & NE Tillamook 596-F4
Washington Park SW Rose Garden Dr and SW Salomon  
Wallace Park NW 26th & Raleigh 596-C4
West Sylvan Middle School 8111 SW West Slope Dr. 625-G1
Westmoreland SE 23rd & Lambert 626-J5
Whitaker Middle School 5700 NE 39th 567-B7
Willamette Park SW Macadam & Nebraska 626-F5
Wilshire NE 33rd & Skidmore 597-B1
Woodstock SE 47th & Steele 627-C4
Youngson Elementary 2704 SE 71st 627-E1